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Reviving and regenerating the traditions and values of university press publishing

Taking advantage of digital technologies and experimenting with the many attractions of print, Goldsmiths Press seeks to revive and regenerate the traditions of academic publishing. Our aim is to create a new culture around academic knowledge practices, one that is more innovative and less constrained than it is now. About Goldsmiths Press

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This Is Not A Textbook

The first two instalments of our “This is not a Textbook” series are out now!

This series will brings top-level academic knowledge to anyone who wants to know. These are not introductions or overviews, but rather up-to-date snapshots of current debates on key topics 

More information on This Is Not A Feminism Texbook here

More information on This Is Not A Science Fiction Texbook here

Learn More about Gold SF - Our Feminist Science Fiction Imprint

Gold SF is dedicated to discovering and publishing new intersectional feminist science fiction, promoting voices that answer to the unprecedented times in which we find ourselves, and orientated towards to social, economic, and environmental justice.

Current publications include: EmpathyMathematics for LadiesThe Disinformation WarThe Ghostwriters and The Other Shore, with more coming later this year!

For the latest reviews, announcements and publishing dates, follow the dedicated Gold SF twitter account .